‘Tackling Conflict through Comedy’
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'This comedy collecti ve  boasts more nationalities than a Benetton advert’
The Camden Journal 

SINCE 2006 

Conflict Relief was born out of close friendship between a former Palestinian Refugee and a former Israeli army officer in 2006. Since then conflict relief has blossomed into a Content production company focusing on generating original comedy work that tackles social, political and cultural issues.

The company uses their own methodology of creating original content where by they bring two conflicting parties to generate original comedy content based on the conflict shared between them. The two conflicting parties work side by side to overcome their grievances and preconceived notions of one another.

ConflictRelief boasts impressive credits travelling to various countries around the world performing their original productions, alongside facilitating educational workshops in schools, colleges, universities, international arts festivals, interfaith community programmes and so much more. The company currently has been preoccupied writing a new comedy show, producing a feature film script and developing a comedy webseries.    

   Conflict Relief is a non-profit arts company that relies on the sponsorship and funding of generous benefactors. To help finance a ConflictRelief project or to collaborate with conflict relief to create your own project please do not hesitate to contact us directly.