‘Tackling Conflict through Comedy’
  ‘The Arab The Jew and The Chicken’​ 

Comedy Sketch Show 
Status: Past Production 

A comedy Sketch show about the Palestinian Israeli conflict.
A show that satirizes violence and rises victorious in mirroring 
the suffering of the people.

‘This Ensemble Clearly knows their Hamas from their Hummus
with out taking sides’ Evening Standard 

‘This is great comedy’ The Stage 

"In the past couple of years, a small but important group of
complex, dark and ridiculously funny sketch troupes has been
mounting a mini revolution. With beautifully bonkers names such
as Foil, Arms & Hog, Surname & Surname, Conflict Relief (dedicated to skits based on the Israeli Palestinian conflict), the Pin and Casual Violence, the new wave are making a wilful break with the past." ​
The Sunday Times

‘Angry young men’

Feature Comedy Film 
Status: In Development 

 Three extremist groups across the political spectrum battle it out
 in a satirical tale that very much remain rooted in reality. 
Hapless English Defence League Members, Clueless Asian boys mascaraing
 as Islamists and narcissist liberals discover they have a lot more in common
 then they beg to differ. 
Living Works 

Comedy Webseries 
Status: In Development 

Larger then life characters fighting
 to live on their own terms outside
 the system in a warehouse 
community in London, England. 
‘The God Squad’

Comedy Show 
Status: In development 

Who are we? 
Why are we here? 
And what the Hell is everyone fighting about? 

 Islamphobia, Homophobia, Anti-semitism, Racism,
Sexism, Extremism, Classists, Prejudices and Stereotypes
At what point was the ball rolled that made mankind just go all tits-up? 
When did bigotry begin? 
And how do we combat human idiocy?

And so our journey through the History of Conflict, the battles between science, philosophy and religion and the dogmas of extremism begins. The clock is ticking and we are running out of time. The world is in ruins and everyone is at war. 7 Comedians of respectable character have been brought together in search of world peace.