‘Tackling Conflict through Comedy’

​The Arab The Jew & The Chicken 

Comedy Sketches

​Comedian Nour Alkawaja takes us inside the hopes of an energetic Palestinian Female refugee named Saida aspiring to be a singer and hopes to win back the land she once called home.
A satire on the stance of the Israeli government regarding their often held blockades against the Gaza strip. The sketch takes place in a press conference where the Israeli government spokesmen is being interviewed by international reporters from around the world. Performed by Ofer Yatziv 
A comedy sketch about a man named Mohammed Cook a struggling middle eastern travel agent attempting to advertise a holiday package on the boarders of Lebanon, Palestine and Israel.
A Palestinian Female named Alia and an Israeli Female named Gloria living in Jerusalem are scheming how to get money from international governments to fund their fake charity so they can live a life of luxury and travel.