Conflict Relief 
Tackling Conflict Through Comedy 
?Who We Are
Conflict Relief was born in 2007 as a vehicle to tackle issues of conflict through Comedy and Content Production. We create original content that embodies the role of the fool to personify man’s idiocy and satirize extremist thought that divides people and communities. Regardless of our race, colour, religious, cultural and social backgrounds we must learn to realize we are all equally entitled to live our life as we please without imposing our personal point of views on others. The company use physical theatre and comedy as their base for creating content focused on tackling issues of conflict arising from religious, cultural, racial and social disputes. ​ Deeply disturbed by our early experiences of cultural and religious wars, it fuelled our passion for creating content that help people realize we are all one and we must learn to work as one unit. We were made of different peoples and tribes so we may get to know one another. We must celebrate our differences and realize we are stronger because of them. Now more then ever it is crucial to show cooperation between different religious, cultural and social communities. We must learn to see that we are not separate from one another and the nature of how we have grown is through difference.